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The Torah is the "Tree of Life to those who lay hold of her" - as they say words of an old prayer. It is a basic handbook, instructions for each of us individually being a human being gifted with a spiritual soul, able to rise beyond what is only material. This universal wisdom of the Torah does not manifest itself only at the colorful stories that are described in her, but it manifests itself by understanding its deeper levels of meaning (these levels are 4: pszat, drasz, remesz and sod / cabal).


Questions and Answers 1118

The meaning of life has always been the subject of numerous investigations and we are constantly confronted with claims of having to explain to us what it actually is. But to go to the theme sense - that is, the direction of life (Lat. 'Sensus' this direction) - we have to deal with the understanding of what is 'life' in essence is, because it's not that simple.